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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that many websites store on your computer when you visit them. They enable the website to remember information about your previous visit(s). The cookies are sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit. Thus the website could, for example, fill-out the 'Username' field for your next visit, so you don't have to type it in every time.

The website developer decides exactly what information to store in these cookies, how it is used and (in some cases) shared, but you have ultimate control over whether or not to allow their cookies to be stored on your computer.

A website can also allow cookies from other, selected websites to be stored on your computer even if you don't visit those other websites. For example, many websites allow social networks such as Facebook to store cookies on your computer. Again, you have control over the use of such cookies.

Cookies and Privacy

Cookies enable a website to recognise repeat visitors. The website may not know your name or other details that can identify you, but it knows that someone at your computer has previously visited the website. This enables the website to, potentially, build up a profile of your web surfing habits. One application of this is to enable advertisers to display adverts whick they think would be of interest to you. Cookies thus raise important privacy issues, so websites should be open about what they use cookies for, whether they allow cookies from third parties to be stored on your computer and what these are used for, and how to disable such cookies.

Since 26 May 2012, website operators in the United Kingdom (of which GameRascal is one) are obliged by EU law to obtain 'informed consent' from visitors, for the use of cookies.

Cookies and GameRascal

GameRascal uses a combination of 'First Party' cookies (these are cookies which are issued by us and therefore bear our domain name '') and 'Third Party' cookies (issued by other domains). We use these cookies to:

  • enhance your shopping experience;
  • enable you to share GameRascal pages through various social networking sites and email;
  • provide anonymous statistical data to help us mould the website to your needs.

The following sections describe these cookies and address any privacy issues they may raise.

GameRascal Cookies

We use First Party cookies to:

  • keep track of the items in your shopping cart
  • show you a list of the last few products you have looked at
  • pre-fill the checkout page with details you entered for a previous order

Keeping track of items in your shopping cart

Shopping Cart Example

The cookie is named 'ectcartcookie' and is essential for the operation of the website. You should not block it!

Once you have completed a purchase, all items are automatically removed from the shopping cart. Should you abort a purchase while there are still items in your cart, then the items will remain there (visible to subsequent visitors to the page from your computer) until you complete the purchase or until you explicitly delete them from your cart by using the 'Delete button'. After three days, any items remaining in your cart are automatically deleted.

Listing the last few products viewed

Recently Viewed List example

This feature uses the 'ectcartcookie' (see above) which is an integral part of the Shopping Cart and therefore you should not block it!

If it is important for you to hide the 'Recently Viewed' list from subsequent users of your computer then you can delete 'ectcartcookie' (see Blocking and Deleting Cookies). It will be automatically recreated for the next visitor to this website, but it will have forgotten your list of recently viewed products. Note that by deleting this cookie you will lose any products still in your Shopping Cart.

Automatically Filling-out the Checkout Page

Remember Me checkbox example

This feature is enabled when you tick the 'Remember Me' check-box on the Checkout page. Two First Party cookies, named 'id1' and 'id2' and bearing the '' domain name, enable the GameRascal website to pre-fill the fields in the Checkout page with details such as the billing and delivery addresses that you entered for a previous GameRascal order.

These details remain visible to subsequent visitors to the page from your computer. If you are using a public computer, for example in an internet café, you should not tick this box.

Note: once enabled, it will continue to pre-fill the Checkout page regardless of the future state of the 'Remember Me' check-box. To stop the page being pre-filled, delete the 'id1' and 'id2' cookies (see Blocking and Deleting Cookies).

Google Cookies

GameRascal allows Google to store cookies on your computer to enable us to build anonymous statistics regarding website usage, such as which pages are visited the most, how long visitors remain on our website and so on. Google calls this 'Google Analytics'. This helps us tweak the GameRascal website to suit your needs.

None of the data gathered identifies you personally, and none is shared with anyone else. For more information, including how to opt out, see

The relevant cookies are named: '__utma', '__utmb', '__utmc', '__utmv' and '__utmz'. Even though these cookies belong to a third party (Google) they are actually 'First Party' cookies because they bear our domain name, ''. While deleting these cookies (see Blocking and Deleting Cookies), as opposed to opting-out as described in the above Google link, will remove any historical data gathered about your visits to our website, the cookies will be automatically recreated (with a 'clean sheet') the next time you visit us.

Facebook Cookies


The Facebook 'Like' button at the top of each page enables our visitors to share GameRascal pages with other Facebook users, depending on how you have configured your Facebook account. It also enables us to display a count of how many Facebook users have clicked it.

Any interaction with Facebook via either our website or indeed any other, is likely to result in the creation of one or more Third Party ( cookies on your computer. Please see and for more information about how Facebook uses cookies.

Deleting or blocking Facebook cookies will not affect non-Facebook activities in the GameRascal website, but may affect your interaction with Facebook via other websites including Facebook itself.

ShareThis Cookies

Share This icons

The ShareThis icons at the top of each page enable you to share GameRascal pages via a number of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Email.

If you click on these icons, ShareThis collect and may share information to assist with targeted advertising. Please see for further details, including how you can opt out. Note: even if you choose to opt-out, you can still see and use the ShareThis icons on our website.

Blocking and Deleting Cookies

You can configure your web browser to block cookies which meet criteria that you specify, such as the domain name which issued them and whether they are First Party or Third Party cookies. You can also delete cookies, but just deleting them will not prevent them from reappearing later.

Note: each browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome etc.) stores cookies in its own way. Thus if you wish to block or delete cookies you will need to do so for each browser that you use.

Unfortunately there is no common method for blocking or deleting cookies which will work across all browsers. Even for a single browser there may be differences between versions. You will need to search your browser's Help system for 'cookies' for instructions on how to block or delete them. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

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