If you choose to send us photos of your items (great!) then please:

  • ensure all game cartridge labels are in focus (group photos are fine);
  • photograph consoles from all sides;
  • tell us about any issues which aren’t clearly visible in the photos.

If you're not including photos then please list your items and describe any defects.

All Items

All items offered for sale to GameRascal must:

  • be authentic, that is to say they should be manufactured either by Nintendo™ or by a third party licensed by Nintendo;
  • be fully intact;
  • not have sustained crush or water damage or excessive cosmetic damage and/or wear and tear.


Games offered for sale to GameRascal must:

  • be fully functional*
  • be of European or United Kingdom specification (sorry, no US carts).

* Non-saving Pokémons are fine as long as they are fully functional in all other respects.


Consoles offered for sale to GameRascal must:

  • have no dead pixels;
  • be fully functional except where disclosed by the seller;
  • Game Boy Advance SP consoles must have undamaged screens with no scratches, pits, dust particles or other blemishes which cannot easily be removed without dismantling the console.

Boxed Items

  • Boxed items must include the corresponding instruction manuals.