Fake Cartridges

Why worry about fakes?

It is well known among Nintendo Game Boy enthusiasts that the market for Game Boy Advance games cartridges has become flooded with counterfeit products. Fake cartridges are unreliable, often failing to save game progress, assuming they work at all. Selling counterfeit products is illegal. Further, buying & selling fake products makes it harder for genuine games creators & developers to survive and bring new, exciting products to the market.

How does GameRascal protect me?

Here at GameRascal we do our utmost to ensure that all Nintendo and associated products we stock are genuine: any suspected counterfeits offered or supplied to us are rejected. GameRascal and other experienced buyers can spot many fake carts just from their photographs, as slight variations in the fonts, graphics, colour and even the sheen of the label can act as giveaways. Sometimes direct inspection is required and some particularly good fakes are only confirmed as counterfeit when they're taken apart. The cartridges' origin and target markets can also yield clues as to their authenticity.

In the unlikely event that you have reason to believe a cartridge we have supplied to you may be fake, please return it to us for replacement (if available) or a full refund.

How can I tell if my cartridge is fake?

There are numerous articles on the web detailing what to look out for. This YouTube video from Gaming the Systems covers the main points:

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