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Which games cartridges play on which consoles?

Please refer to the table below for Console/Cartridge compatibility. For more detailed information including photos, please refer to Console Types and Games Cartridge Types.

Console Type Compatible Games Cartridges

Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket

Game Boy games

Game Boy Color

Game Boy games
Game Boy Color games

Game Boy Advance

Game Boy games
Game Boy Color games
Game Boy Advance games

Game Boy Advance SP

Game Boy games
Game Boy Color games
Game Boy Advance games

Game Boy Advance Micro

Game Boy Advance games

Do Game Boy games play on the Nintendo DS Lite?

The DS Lite can play Game Boy Advance games in Single Player mode. Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are not compatible with the DS Lite.

What are the differences between regional versions of games and consoles?

All of our products are intended for english-speakers unless otherwise stated. Language aside, the only difference is the packaging. There are no differences in the game-play or performance of games intended for different geographical regions. All Game Boy screens are compatible with games from all regions (the NTSC/PAL issues associated with TV are not relevant here). You can even battle and swap Pokemons between different regions!

In our experience, the US game versions for the Game Boy Advance seem to present a more attractive target for piracy (see Fake Cartridges). We check all of our stock, however, and discard any pirate copies we find; all the games we sell, therefore, are to the best of our knowledge 100% legitimate regardless of region.

Do games come with instructions?

All boxed games come with instructions unless otherwise stated in the Product Description. Where cartridges are sold unboxed, they do not come with instruction manuals.

Why do some games not have an ‘Age’ rating?

The age ratings which we provide in the Product Description are taken from the product label or its packaging. Unfortunately, some of the older products do not have an age rating.

How can I avoid counterfeit game cartridges?

At GameRascal we do our utmost to filter out fake cartridges. Each cartridge is carefully examined for tell-tale signs of counterfeiting and any which are believed not to be genuine Nintendo or Nintendo-licensed products are either returned to the supplier or destroyed. Please refer to Fake Cartridges for further details. If you suspect that a cartridge you bought from us may be counterfeit, please contact us: if the cartridge is confirmed to be fake, you will be offered a replacement or a full refund.

What condition are your products in?

All products offered for sale on this website are pre-owned. Most items have been used before coming into our possession, although some collectors’ items, for example, may never have been removed from their original packaging except for photographing purposes. It is the nature of this market, therefore, that the condition of products may vary between individual samples. We provide information concerning the functionality and physical appearance of each product in its Product Description. This is supported by more general information on our Product Condition page.

Do you offer a warranty with your products?

We offer a limited one (1) month warranty against product failure, during which time the customer may request an exchange or a refund. Please refer to the Warranty section of our Terms & Conditions for details. Unfortunately any original manufacturer’s warranty will have expired a long time ago (some of the products are over 15 years old!) and in any case manufacturers’ warranties do not normally apply to second-hand goods.

My game won’t play

Many of the cartridges are ‘of a certain age’ and although we try to ensure all are ready to go, factors such as dust and grease collection over the years may occasionally compromise the contacts of the cartridges and cause intermittent faults which were not possible to identify during our normal testing process. The condition of the console with which the cartridge is used is also a factor. Before requesting a replacement, we suggest blowing sharply a couple of times into the cartridge opening and/or running a cotton bud over the contacts to remove any dust or grease that may have accumulated. Also try taking out and re-inserting the game in the console a few times to ensure proper contact is made. If you believe the game cartridge is faulty, please follow the procedure in the Cancellation Policy section of our Terms & Conditions. We offer a one (1) month limited warranty on all our products and will be happy to exchange the defective item or issue a refund.

My game won’t save

Some games cartridges such as Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold, contain batteries enabling them to save timing information. If this battery is flat, then it will no longer be possible to save the state of game-play. We replace all flat batteries with new ones before offering them for sale on our website. Should you find one which fails to save, please contact us so that we can rectify the situation.

My console screen is too light/dark

The solution to screen brightness issues depends on the type of console. Please refer to the table below for your particular console type. If none of the suggested solutions work then try replacing the batteries. If it still doesn't work then it could be faulty. Products purchased from GameRascal are covered by a 30 day warranty - see Can I return my purchase?

Console Type Solution

Game Boy (original)

This console has a reflective, black & green display. It should be viewed under a bright light, as it has no light of its own. Use the contrast wheel on the left of the unit to adjust the display's brightness.

Game Boy Pocket

This console has a reflective, black & white (well, light grey) display. It should be viewed under a bright light, as it has no light of its own. Use the contrast wheel on the right of the unit to adjust the display's brightness.

Game Boy Color

This console has a reflective, colour display. It should be viewed under a bright light, as it has no light of its own. Unlike the Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket, the Game Boy Color has no contrast control.

Game Boy Advance

This console has a reflective, colour display. It should be viewed under a bright light, as it has no light of its own. Unlike the Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket, the Game Boy Advance has no contrast control.

Game Boy Advance SP

This console comes in two models: AGS-001 and AGS-101. The model number can be found on the underside of the console. The original model (AGS-001) has a front-lit display: use the small round button in the top-centre of the console's lower panel to switch the light on and off. The later model (AGS-101) has a backlit display and uses the aforementioned button to switch between its two brightness levels.

Game Boy Micro

This console has a backlit display. To change between the five levels of screen brightness, hold the L Button and press the Volume switch up or down.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and PayPal.

Can I use different billing & delivery addresses?

Yes, you can specify a different Delivery Address during the checkout process.

Why doesn't PayPal show the correct Delivery Address?

PayPal will only display your billing address, even if you specified different billing and delivery addresses during the checkout process. Rest assured, however, that both your billing and delivery addresses will appear on the Order Confirmation which we email to you.

Do you deliver outside the UK?

Yes. Please refer to our Delivery Policy to see our delivery destinations.

How can I track my order?

Once you’ve placed your order we will send you an acknowledgement email containing a link where you can track your order status. If you did not receive an acknowledgement email or have misplaced it, please contact us. We will need the email address which you supplied when you placed the order.

How soon will I receive my goods?

Please refer to our Delivery Policy to see our delivery time scales.

I haven’t received my goods - what should I do?

If you have not received your order within the expected timeframe, please contact us stating your order number and your email address. We will be happy to rectify the situation.

Can I return my purchase?

Under certain circumstances you may be entitled to return your goods to us, for example:

  • if you change your mind about the purchase within fourteen (14) days of receiving it, provided that you have not used it or broken/removed any seals;
  • if the product is found to be defective within one month of the date of purchase.

Depending on the specific circumstances, we may repair or replace the product or issue a refund. For further details including the procedure you should follow, please read about Cancellation Policy which forms part of our Terms & Conditions.

Do you store my credit/debit card details?

GameRascal neither collects nor stores your credit/debit card details. Payment is handled via the secure website of our Payment Service Provider, Sage Pay. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.

Do you share my personal details with others?

We never sell your details to others and only share those details necessary to fulfil your order or sales enquiry, process refunds and protect the rights, property or safety of GameRascal, our users or others. For further details please read our Privacy Policy.

How can I opt-out of promotional emails?

We will only send you promotional material if you have asked us to do so by ticking the ‘Please send me your newsletter’ box on the Checkout page. If you have previously opted to receive such emails and you would now like to opt out, then please contact us and we will remove you from our list.

Can I sell you my old Game Boy product(s)?

Yes! For details please visit our sister website (opens in new tab).

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